Hi! My name is Dan and I'm a Chicago-based software engineer. I currently work at Hashstack, a digital consultancy, where I spend most of my time on Ruby on Rails and DevOps projects.

In my spare time i like to travel, play guitar, organize Chicago's first Go meetup and run a few online projects: Magnum CI, LP Marketplace and OpenTable API. Open source is my thing and i released a ton of projects in the past couple of years. This website is where i blog about various experiments with technology and programming languages, hope you enjoy it.


21 Feb 2021

Wireguard VPN on AWS

18 Feb 2020

Log slow Rails SQL queries

02 Dec 2019

Test Github webhook events locally

28 Nov 2019

Deploy Jekyll blog with Github Actions

12 Feb 2019

Build Go projects with Github Actions

20 Nov 2018

Working with Ansible vaults in Go

25 Apr 2018

Quickly expose Docker ports

23 Mar 2018

Zeroconf discovery with Swift

10 Oct 2017

Retry actions in Ruby

07 Sep 2017

Service discovery with ZeroConf and Go

14 Aug 2017

Four years of Pgweb

25 Jan 2017

Load testing on Heroku

26 Nov 2016

Find environment variables in Ruby projects

05 Oct 2016

Docker Gotchas

16 Jul 2016

Custom struct field tags in Golang

03 May 2016

Dump all MySQL and PostgreSQL databases

02 May 2016

Using Puma and Capybara for integration testing

20 Mar 2016

Travis CI extension for Github

19 Dec 2015

Running simple SSH honeypot with Docker

09 Dec 2015

DNS for local development

03 Dec 2015

Try Swift Online

29 Oct 2015

BitRun - Hello World

30 May 2015

Exploring 1Password's Crypto With Go

25 May 2015

SSH port forwarding with Go

22 May 2015

Data encryption in Go using OpenSSL

19 May 2015

Automatically import boot2docker environment variables

31 Jan 2015

Photos, EXIF, GPS and Go

15 Jan 2015

Hipache API service

21 Dec 2014

Gin middleware examples

15 Dec 2014

Generate random hex string in Go

03 Jul 2014

Cleanup git branches

03 Jul 2014

Better initializer structure for Ruby applications

17 Dec 2013

Cleanup docker images and containers

16 Dec 2013

Weekend project: irc2pusher message relay

02 Dec 2013

Weekend project: OSX launchctl wrapper in Go

02 Dec 2013

Geo lookups with ElasticSearch and Rails

29 Aug 2013

Faster CI builds by caching installed bundle to AmazonS3

11 Feb 2013

Lighweight virtualization with LXC

13 Nov 2012

Minimal ActiveAdmin install

27 Jul 2012

Stream Travis-CI updates into notifications center

22 Jun 2012

FineRadar - Solving the problem for city parking

11 Jun 2012

Dynamic nginx upstreams with Lua and Redis

23 May 2012

Key and value checks for Ruby arrays and hashes

01 May 2012

Dynamic HTTP proxy with Node.js and Redis

30 Apr 2012

Sending apple push notification with ApplePush gem

28 Apr 2012

Hacking on OpenTable public API

09 Apr 2012

Strip cookies from response

18 Feb 2012

Emoji and Rails JSON output issue

25 Jan 2012

Adding code revision header to your apps

20 Dec 2011

Autotrust your RVM gemsets

10 Aug 2011

Processing emails with Postfix and Rails